What This Is


What this used to be: Once upon a time in the Kellen Design Archives (which is now part of the New School Archives), there was a wonderful project archivist named Jennifer Larson who became captivated by a collection she was processing that documented the work and life of the iconoclastic interior architect from the 1970s, Michael Kalil. Jen wanted to share information and offer her own reflections on Kalil, and she also wanted to describe some of the challenges she was facing and solutions she found while processing the collection. So she started a blog.

THAT blog has now been folded into THIS blog, and that explains why there are so many posts on here about Michael Kalil!

What this is now: It’s a site where we–the staff, researchers and friends of The New School Archives–will blog about our work. We’ll write about people and topics and objects that fascinate us, trends and themes we pick up on, and about issues, ideas, debates, and conundrums that come up as we collect, take care of, organize, and catalog the materials in the archives. We’ll write about things we find exciting or troubling or perplexing, or just plain interesting. Our hope is to give a sense of the variety of the work we do, challenges we face, and to offer a perspective on, context for, and possibly even insight into the materials we work with. We also hope to showcase some of the diverse, intriguing ways that researchers are using New School Archives collections in their own projects.